Stay true and strong to what you do well

Placeholder ImageWhen we are doing one thing for so long, there will be many days that will come and go that we start to question ourselves what we are really doing with our lives. I do, many many times now. As if being lost and unassured of anything. Then we start to look for other things what might be or what could be. I did…I have ventured into agriculture business, I have tried poultry business and raised chickens, I have tried recruitment agency, and did a considerable self employed sales work. At first I thought agriculture is the best idea for business because growing fruits and vegetables will be the easiest business to manage as we can just watch the fruits and vegetables grow and earn money. I was wrong of course. I needed to water them, watch them for pest, and lots of hands to harvest them. Not to mention big expense to transport them. Now, the poultry business I thought was easier. Again big mistake and I will not even write down the horrible details. Recruitment agency business was a very good idea but not just the right time and circumstances. Sales work? No comment.

Although trying to do something different in ones life can be financially disastrous, I can truly say with all honesty that I am a much stronger person and professional today if not for those experiences. You might have heard the phrase before, “I rather have tried and failed than not trying at all in life”. Looking back, would I say if given the chance to do it again will I do it? Probably not if I wanted to save all the money lost. But the experience and lessons learnt is far more rewarding. The people I met along the way gave me the highest respect for all the work we have done together. When money or profit put against the experience and the people I would always choose experience and people. I strongly feel we can’t put monetary value on experience nor price for good people.

I have tried many things in life. Some I can consider a fail but others a success. But now I know I must stick to what I am really good and strong at – the food business and people. I think I already have come into full circle now and found where I needed to be. But without those other things I have done and without meeting all those people I would not know that I am in the right place now.

If there was a chance to try other things in life I would always recommend all to do it. Meet people and do all the things that will challenge you and inspire you. Do all and be all now because in the end you will find out that there is one particular thing that you will be strong and good at. And when you do, stay true to it because this is where you will be happiest – know I am.


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