What we hate but don’t tell our customer

Placeholder ImageIt is funny how it is always one-sided when it comes to customers opinion on staff. But have we ever considered the opinion of the staff of the customers? You may be surprise, please read on:

  • Staff hates it when a customer orders an elaborate and detailed coffee choices like – Skinny, decaf, caramel one shot extra hot no foam latte. Why even bother drinking decaf coffee? Just drink water or juice.
  • Staff gets irritated when you bring your kids, leave a mess on the table and don’t even leave a small tip. Too cheap to get a nanny so let the restaurant staff clean up after meals?
  • It is not good to keep server waiting by your side while you hang on to the menu to decide what you want. At this point, any longer you will get punched on the face.
  • Customer who thinks sounding dumb is cute. Don’t ask, we get them a lot.
  • Customer who always think they are right. No they are not.
  • Customers who bark at the staff for something that is beyond their job description – price of the meal? why there is no car park? no toilet?
  • Customers who stay too long on the table even when they have finished their meals – tables needed to be relayed for other customers or for breakfast.
  • Customers who say they are all together but then ask to split the bill or pay separately after you have placed the orders. You can get killed one day if you keep on doing this.
  • Customers who request for 5 glasses of tap water. When you go out, spend a little on bottled water otherwise stay at home.
  • Customer looking for something that is not on the menu or not on the display. You can get hurt if you keep on doing this.
  • Customer flirting with the staff and keeping the staff from doing her/his job to serve others. The team will put you in the toilet bowl head first if you keep on with this.
  • Miserable customers who dump their problems on staff. Pay for a session to see a psychiatrist
  • Customer who complain about waiting too long for their food only because they are too bored with the company they have. If they have good conversation they would not even notice the time. So remember, if you complain about waiting time it means you are bored about the company you have.

These are just few opinions of the staff of customers. A form of a review of what customers we get. It feels strange how we can evaluate staff performances and the kind of service they deliver but very rarely we hear that we can actually do the reverse as well and review the customers behavior and characters. How does it feel to be under the “microscope” and be evaluated? How does it feel to have somebody say something about you like it’s a licence to criticize, rate and grade a person?

Remember, we always feel we have an opinion of others, but we rarely realise that others might have an opinion about us just because we pay for a service or a product. I think the idea here is mutual respect. Customers to staff and staff to customers should have mutual respect.

Until next time…




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