What type of a customer are you?

Placeholder ImageAll these years I believe I have seen and met so many customers that I bet I can name most of them. They are:

  • The fast and furious – this type of customers know what they want and want it fast even at the extent of being rude and without concern for others. This type of customer makes you feel truly a “server”. They enjoy the feeling of superiority and the attention.
  • The easy-going – this type of customers are very pleasant and just out to enjoy the day/night. They are easy to please and can pick anything off the menu.
  • Professional complainers – this type of customer we can smell a mile away. They start with a compliant and ends with a complaint. There is no way to satisfy this customer
  • Lovely grandparents – this type of customers remind you of your lovely grandma and grandpa and you just want to give all you best to make them happy.
  • Love birds – this type of customers just can’t get enough of each other and the public display of affection makes others uncomfortable.
  • Demanding customers – this customers are loud with their demands and love the attention they get from other customers
  • Adams’ family – this type of customers bring all their kids and just let them loose to make horrible mess for us to clean.
  • Attention seekers – this type of customers wants the server to be at all times by their side and even ask one thing after another. If possible they want one waiter just to themselves.
  • Executive type can’t be bothered customer – this customer is always on the phone or laptop and can never be ready to give their orders. But then when waiters are busy they keep on snapping their fingers and shout out for service.
  • Appreciative customers – pleasant and enjoys their time.
  • freebie customers – this type of customer are out to complain in the hope they can get free meals and drinks
  • Loyal customers – this customers comes in regularly and gets the same thing off the menu and drink the same drink. They like stability and ask for the same server
  • Your royal highness customers – this type of customers feel they are royals and servers must “bow down to them and give everything they need”.
  • Big “tippers” – this type of customers, when you meet their expectations they reward accordingly.
  • Poor “tippers”- this type of customers never seem to understand excellent service and feel that it’s the waiters job to serve and does not deserve extra.
  • Chatty customers – this customer wants to hug all the time of the waiter/server and totally oblivious to the fact that we have other things to do.
  • Price sensitive – this type of customers are asking for the prices of each items and will express how expensive everything is.
  • The flirts – this type of customers comes in and flirts to all staff and even go as far as to get their contact numbers.
  •  The creapy one – this customer is weird and just ask the strangest questions and tells the most creapy stories about themselves.
  • The sad one – this customers tell the saddest stories about themselves or their family
  • The sharer – this type of customer shares everything about themselves
  • The acting dumb one –  this customer thinks sounding dumb is cute. This cusotmer will ask “what is a sausage roll?”
  • The normal – this customer comes in and just gets his meal and drink with a smile – no fuss to trouble.
  • The friendly ones – these customers know the names of their servers and apprecite their hard work
  • Discount discount – this customer is always asking for discount on everything
  • Suspicious one – this customer is always suspicious about the quality of the food and suspect the waiter spat on the food. They also think that the server is cheating them all the time.
  • Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde – this customer is so pleasant but when they check out they write horrible reviews.

We are all a customer, but which type depends on us entirely. The rule of thumb is – for the server, serve like you wish to be served. For the customer, imagine if you are the one serving.




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